All scientific work will now be published freely and digitally in Octopus, making it easy to find


The concept of a ‘paper’ is dead. Publish your hypotheses, methods, results and analyses in Octopus as you produce them, in whatever language you are most comfortable in (it will be automatically translated for others)


Review and rate others’ work. Reviews count as original work and add to your metrics - along with how appreciated your reviews are by peers.

Octopus Blog

Our blog covers our development and growth from the eLife Hackathon of May 2018 onwards.

The next stages for Octopus

By Alex Freeman on November 3, 2018

Award from the Royal Society allows Octopus to move on!

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How could Octopus break the status quo?

By Alex Freeman on May 14, 2018

How Octopus might start up and change the status quo in scientific publishing

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Fixing Science

By Alex Freeman on May 13, 2018

What Octopus aims to fix about science.

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Octopus @ eLife Sprint

By Ally Dillenburg on May 11, 2018

Our second post is an update on all the work we’ve been doing at eLifeSprint2018.

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